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Insights into behavioral investing on the Australian share market

About Baldinvestor

The BaldInvestor is for share investors looking for a different way of share picking. Over the last 30 years, investors have been told that share markets are efficient and all available information is already built into the price. More recently academics have realized that markets are not efficient because people are not rational creatures.

The idea here is to use the data provided by you to analyze your favourite shares to find out whether, in fact, the most popular shares of the time (do actually outperform going forward)

So we would like you to register, login and then pick first of all your ten favourite shares from the ASX200. Next if you are keen you can choose your favourite ETF fund, commodity, or the country you think will give the best investment return. Baldinvestor will rank your picks and reveal the most popular share at the moment. Baldinvestor will monitor how it has performed over the next 6 months when I have enough data.Every three months you will be able to refresh your picks. I can provide information about other shares in the top 10 favourites- but you will need to subscribe....

You will be be able to find the favourite shares nominated by users and how they have performed compared to the indices. You will be able to find how your nominated picks have performed relative to the indices.At a time when investment advice is viewed with scepticism, you can simply base your portfolio on the results of this data - whether you pick current favourites or the most unpopular shares.

Baldinvestor also picks his own favourites, monitoring and ranking their performance and writing up reviews for his picks. We use a value driven approach and picks will in general be smaller, less well known shares. So you can either use the 'bald' picks to guide you or the views of the crowd. Or have a mix... Take a look - please register and login to find the current most popular share...

Or as Newton would put it: